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You did it! You’re having a baby!

Maybe you’re adopting, maybe you’ve been through all the fertility treatments, or maybe you got lucky the old-fashioned way. No matter how your family was created, I want to be there to make sure you remember how sweet and precious that little one was before it became a raging threenager (yes, that’s a real thing).

A little adventurous, fun and totally chill! Sound like you? Then keep reading! You want something that describes you and fits with your lifestyle, and being stuck in a stuffy photo studio does NOT sound like a fun afternoon. And I agree, which is why all my sessions are held in the great outdoors! (Though I’m never opposed to a little at-home adventure!)


I’m Caitlyn Eakins, and I’m a Newborn Photographer. 

Newborns are truly where my heart lies. From those first flutters in momma’s belly to the first little cry to coming home with a fresh new babe, those are the moments that are so often not remembered. The excitement and the beautiful haze of busyness that a new baby brings often clouds our memories later on. I want all my parents to remember those precious first moments just like when they were happening. The tired pushing, the joyous birth, the first sounds, the first latch, the first time dad gets to hold his new baby, and so much more. These are the moments that are so quickly lost as our babies grow.

I have a massive love for babies that started a long time ago, but after having my own littles that love grew into something so much bigger. In the last few years, I’ve found myself wanting to help all the caregivers I come into contact with whether or not they are my clients. I love reading (and talking) about birth and post-natal and everything that goes along with it. I cheer for those who have conceived…



She is amazing! She makes you feel very comfortable and is super kind. Love her vision and the art she creates with her pictures. She is great!

Cristina F.

Caitlyn really went above and beyond for us. From the moment we made the plans for our photos to the very last detail. I knew she did beautiful work but we were seriously blown away by our finished product. The girl is talented! No question whether or not we will use her in the future.

April M.

Very Professional and thorough. Caitlyn is an amazing photographer. Very detail oriented! We would definitely use Caitlyn to take our pictures again!

Megan O.