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IMG_6305Caitlyn Eakins Photography was born out of a passion that began very early in my life. I was given my first camera when I was just six years old, it was a Polaroid 500, and I loved everything about it. The sound, the look, the smell. They were something tangible. IMG_7082Fleeting moments that could be held in your hands. Fast forward twenty years, and I still shoot the same way. I capture those moments that often get lost in our memories – the sideways glance, the moment before a laugh, the innocent boredom, the joy, the love of life, the simple things. Every time I shoot I try to capture the essence of my subjects. Who they are rather than what they’re wearing or where they are. I photograph the things that make you YOU!
… with a touch of art and a ton of love!

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I love to capture life. Natural light and on location.

IMG_7970I like to be in an environment where my subject is as comfortable as possible. I preferred working in a studio for a long time, but I soon asked myself why waste the fantastic amount of natural light we have every day – especially in sunny Florida! With ten or more hours of sunlight everyday, trapping myself in a studio seemed rather silly, and I quickly IMG_8083learned that kids prefer being outside rather than being forced to sit still with lights flashing in their faces. It’s a win-win scenario, you get beautiful, naturally lit photos, and I get to work outside in the fantastic Florida sunlight. Rates start at just $75 for mini sessions. Check out Your Session and Investment for more details about shooting with Caitlyn Eakins Photography! I do have a small home studio that I use for my Holiday Mini Sessions, however it is really only good for shooting 1-2 people. children photographers fort myers florida

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About your investment:

IMG_8460Custom photography is not for everyone. It is a luxury, and new families can often experience “sticker shock” when hiring a professional IMG_8748photographer for the first time. The reason why the cost is so different than a mall studio or hobbyist photographer, is multi-faceted. When commissioning a professional photographer, you are not paying for a piece of photo paper or a jpeg image. You are paying for the artist’s experience, eye, training, thousands of dollars worth of equipment, insurance, taxes, supplies, travel, world class products, customization and consultation… that is just the tip of the iceberg. I spend, on average, 8-10 hours per client. All of these variables, combined with the one on one attention, make up the cost of a custom portrait session.

I also do not put a “time limit” on my sessions. I am not happy until you have a beautiful gallery to choose from. I take great pride in my work! I love what I have been blessed to be able to do, and I hope it shines through my images!

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