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Is Your Headshot Killing Job Opportunities?

In recent studies, up to 90% of human resources people say they check out social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, before inviting a candidate in for an interview. This means the wrong headshot can kill your chances of even talking on the phone stone-dead. Is your headshot killing your opportunities for job offers before you even get the opportunity to interview? –

Every Picture Tells a Story
Like it or not, your headshot tells a story, so take a look at yours to see if it is telling the story you want it to tell. It should be professional, but it should still be YOU. Cookie cutter white backdrops are not my thing. So if you want a fucking killer headshot to impress not only employers and agents, then you want me. Even your mom will want a copy! Professional headshots Fort Myers Florida for Actors, Real Estate Agents and other professionals.

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