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Digital Newborn Photos for Quarantine Babies

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Let’s be honest, this has been so difficult. But it’s been even more difficult for those parents who waited so long for their little ones, only to have the possibility of newborn photos ripped away from them.

Many of you labored alone as hospitals restricted visitors. But there was a light at the end that you would have that perfect little baby in your arms and then have those incredible photos to be able to at least show off your new bundle on facebook!

But then that option quickly faded. So I created a way for parents to still have a fabulous image to share with their loved ones, hang on their wall, and treasure forever. This may be a terrible time, but your newborn photo does not have to reflect that.

How it works:
1. I send you a how to video that covers a basic setup and swaddle and how to photograph your baby (all with things you have at home, you don’t need anything special).
2. You choose your backdrop (over 30 to pick from).
3. You send me the image and I use my 15+ years of photoshop skills to create a beautiful image just for you.

This is a special service I typically reserve for clients who have already booked sessions with me, but due to the virus and stay at home orders, I thought it would be a great way to keep working AND still be able to get mommas that beautiful newborn photo. And the best part is there is no age limit for this!

And since it’s only one photo, it’s a fraction of what my normal newborn sessions cost. Just $50 and if you’re local to me (SW Florida) you can use what you’ve paid toward a full session once this is all over.

Ready to book it?! Check out my Etsy shop to book your spot and get instant access to the instructions.
Want to follow the video first and see if it will work for you? Go HERE.
Want to see the backgrounds first? Here you go!

Still have questions? Feel free to send me a message.


Check out the amazing feature from ABC7 about this project (Originally aired 4/27/20)!
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