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Newborn Girl in a wire basket wrapped up in a neutral cloth wrap. She is wearing a red gnome bonnet. This photo is outside under a tree. Outdoor newborn photographer fort myers Florida
Image of a black newborn boy in a green cloth wrap under a green bush. Outdoor newborn photographer fort myers Florida
Newborn girl propped up in a blue bucket with pink and blue fabric and a knit layer. She is wearing a floral headband and is outside at Koreshan park in estero florida in front of a bridge. Outdoor newborn photographer fort myers Florida


Baby boy in a metal bucket in some native ferns. Outdoor newborn photographer fort myers Florida

Your Family is Growing

Like a field of Sunflowers or a Dandelion in a sidewalk crack, no matter how you view the world, things around you are growing! That little life in your belly, the size of your family and the love in your soul. This is the season of your life that you’ll never forget.

Just like nature, babies need nurturing. So while you worry about what foods you should be eating, what crib to buy, or simply how you’re ever going to survive with out sleep- let me take a little worry away. Rest assured knowing that your little bundle is in good hands (fully insured and safety trained hands).

Join me on a tiny adventure, and I’ll make sure you get the most incredible, unique and unforgettable photos. Tap below to learn more!

Hi there

I’m Caitlyn – your local Outdoor Newborn Photographer!

There is absolutely nothing like a sweet new little human. The way they smell and sound, and their teeny tiny features are all so wonderful. And the best part is I get all the snuggles and then they go home with you! Okay, I’m teasing, I do even love those little newborn cries.

But the best part about my job is combining my love of nature with my love of little newbies. Just me and my camera (and a wagon full of props), away from computers and fluorescent lights, no flashes or light stands.

Just you, me and your perfect little one on a tiny adventure.

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Photo of the photographer. A 30 something year old woman in a yellow sweater and jeans. Her hair is in a bun and she is wearing glasses and smiling. Outdoor newborn photographer fort myers Florida

Love Letters

She is amazing! She makes you feel very comfortable and is super kind. Love her vision and the art she creates with her pictures. She is great!

Cristina F.

Caitlyn really went above and beyond for us. From the moment we made the plans for our photos to the very last detail. I knew she did beautiful work but we were seriously blown away by our finished product. The girl is talented! No question whether or not we will use her in the future.

April M.

Very Professional and thorough. Caitlyn is an amazing photographer. Very detail oriented! We would definitely use Caitlyn to take our pictures again!

Megan O.