Outdoor Newborn Photographer in SW Florida for Parents Who Want a Tiny Adventure!

Hey there! I’m Caitlyn!

I survive on gardening and coffee with a smattering of random hobbies for good measure (and sometimes a good margarita) – but my fiance doesn’t always get my quirky interests. He’s my vanilla loving baby-daddy, and he wouldn’t have me any other way. Hold up? Did I just say baby-daddy? Yup. I did!

We didn’t exactly do things in order. After a slew of messy relationships, we found each other and decided that a family was what we wanted more than anything. So we focused on that – and focused and focused and focused… haha! Two fabulous little boys later (as well as two dogs, two cats, a snake and two hermit crabs), he did finally propose! 

I also like to take my coffee and margaritas outside with me, as camping is definitely a favorite pastime. And geocaching (like a worldwide treasure hunt) is a close second as far as outdoor adventures go! You’ll often find me hiking or paddle boarding or anything to get out in the sun!

But there ain’t nothing like a sweet new little human. The way they smell and sound, and their teeny tiny features are all so wonderful. And the best part is I get all the snuggles and then they go home with you! Okay, I’m teasing, I do even love those little newborn cries.

But my absolute favorite part about photography is being able to combine my love of nature with my love of little newbies. Just me and my camera (and a wagon full of props), away from computers and fluorescent lights, no flashes or light stands. Just you, me and your perfect little one on a tiny adventure.

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She is amazing! She makes you feel very comfortable and is super kind. Love her vision and the art she creates with her pictures. She is great!

Cristina F.

Caitlyn really went above and beyond for us. From the moment we made the plans for our photos to the very last detail. I knew she did beautiful work but we were seriously blown away by our finished product. The girl is talented! No question whether or not we will use her in the future.

April M.

Very Professional and thorough. Caitlyn is an amazing photographer. Very detail oriented! We would definitely use Caitlyn to take our pictures again!

Megan O.