Behind the Scenes: Finding Light in My Own Yard

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So a lot is changing around us in our world at the moment and I’m trying to stay positive. I’ve been wanting to talk about how I find my little spots for newborns for a while, but since we’re really supposed to be staying home, I thought I could just do it in my yard! (Don’t want to read? Video is at the bottom!)

I really strive to find locations that are both beautiful and convenient for my families. Most of my moms have just given birth and either don’t want to walk far, or can’t walk far. So unless requested (because let’s be honest the beach can be a little bit of a walk) most of my locations are really just off of a path or parking lot.

I look for shaded areas with soft even light, lots of green and pops of other colors if possible. I adore little patches of flowers and dappled back-lighting! But sometimes I find a pretty little spot in a big open field, which means I just have to make my own shade.

Often times I look pretty crazy, simply because of the spots I choose, but those who have seen my portfolio have full trust in my abilities to make the strangest or mundane locations look absolutely gorgeous!

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Caitlyn Eakins is an outdoor Newborn Photographer located in Lee County Florida.
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